Dianne Boate Remembers Ron Patterson

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As Tresa always says, “Say what you feel while you still have the chance.” How often do we hear people lament that they did not say, “I love you,” “You meant the world to me,” “I have never known anyone who made me as happy as you do,” or “That is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. May I have the recipe?” Or, or, or.

Dianne Boate, one of the most lovingly expressive people happens to be one of San Francisco’s creative lights as well. She bakes breads and cakes that are architectural works of art, as well as incomparable jams, chutneys and condiments. Her clothing and millinery designs (all sewn by her) are exceptional, her photography is celebrated and her drawings and paintings are exquisite. Another of her great talents is the ability to nurture deep friendships.

Like often attracts like, so it is no wonder that one of Dianne’s dearest friends was Ron Patterson, who died this past January in Sausalito. One of Ron’s great creative successes was as founder of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire that took place in both Northern and Southern California and that for more than thirty years was the largest event in Marin County. Like Dianne, Ron’s life was full and his work far reaching. It seems that artistic triumph followed him everywhere. He had a talent for design, for leadership, and for motivating affection. Dianne was a good and attentive friend and the baker of the Patterson family birthday cakes for many years.

Although Dianne lost a good friend with Ron’s passing she has the knowledge that she told him how much her friendship meant to him while he was here and could revel in her devotion. Losing a loved friend is a sad enough business. We don’t want to make it worse by having regrets over what we wish we had said. The optimal time to tell a friend of your affection and appreciation is when that person is here to lap up the love straightaway. Just like Dianne did for Ron. I invite you to listen to Dianne’s Love Letters Live presentation and hear her talk about her good friend Ron.

From me to you with love in the air,

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