Actress Angela Rockwood is a Push Girl Always Moving Forward

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Actress Angela Rockwood is a Push Girl always moving forward

Actress, model and producer Angela Rockwood, is an angel indestructible whose young life was interrupted by a horrific car accident as she was driving to LA from San Francisco with her two bridesmaids. The year was 2001. She was 26 years old, had been busy modeling, acting and planning her wedding. The accident, which Angela had seen in a vision 10 years earlier, left her a quadriplegic. To hear her talk about her life, the accident, her step by step path to where she is now, the challenges overcome and her plans for the future is to understand that what you cannot do has nothing to do in reality with what you can do.

Angela is by nature an emotionally generous woman, a cheering section for the well-being and success of her friends and a healer who understands the power love. Her love letter?  Perhaps another one to her ex-husband who is and always will be one of her best friends because she knows that love once felt need never be abandoned.

Yes, life was interrupted, not diminished. Déjà vu, she is now modeling, acting, producing and planning her wedding. Strength precedes her and joy follows in her wake.

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