Alexander Philippe, Where Philosophy and Art Meet to Say More Than Hello

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Alexander Philippe where philosophy and art meet to say more than hello

Alexander Philippe is a one-man adventure. He is a San Francisco artist who paints. He has a degree in fine arts. And, more to the point of who Alexander Philippe is, he is a philosopher. He is a communicator and wants others to have the same satisfaction. He strongly identifies with Kierkegaard’s “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Alexander is an emotionally brave man with a joyful determination to get people to take  comfortable responsibility for thoughts, ideas, and secrets that may be hard to face. How to do this? Via involvement in his latest art project, a mesmerizing game called Efil. Yes, “life” backwards. To listen to him talk about becoming the artist he is, how he changed the direction of his own creative life and what he has to offer humankind is a lesson in listening to your truest voice, a voice that is never circumstance-driven. His love letter? So many possibilities he has yet to determine.

Stay tuned for his next appearance on Love Letters Live, already planned, which will zoom in on the thoughts that people love to avoid.

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