Alicia Escott Repaired Romance With No Word Voiced In a Restaurant That Caters To the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

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Alicia Escott repaired romance with no word voiced in a restaurant that caters to the deaf and hearing impaired

It is no wonder that the San Francisco artist Alicia Escott, one of the most imaginative thinkers and communicators of our time, repaired a love gone into a mournful mode, and did it without a spoken word.

Master of communication and keeping up with abrupt changes that she is, Alicia’s art focuses on evolutionary shifts, climate change and lost species as she highlights our lamentable losses through the very materials she uses. She is co-founder, with Heidi Quante, of The Bureau of Linguistical Reality, through which they take on humanity’s lack of sufficient working vocabulary to reflect newly created, hence un-expressible emotions and experiences. Alicia is divinely adaptable with a matchless ability to telescope time between geological eons, yes billions of years as you can hear in her absolute love letter to a long extinct Brontomerus Mcintoshi.

Listen to her tell what she did as she and her boyfriend found themselves in a restaurant where not a word was spoken aloud, the only communication was signing, and she did not want to shatter the silence. Her love letter? The opportunity was right there on the table, and she took it.

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