Joshua Abramson Is Back to Tell You Why “I Love You” Is Good for Business

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Joshua Abramson, the Johnny Appleseed of "I love you", the growing movement to make this the world's accepted greeting
Joshua Abramson, the Johnny Appleseed of “I love you,” the growing movement to make this the world’s accepted greeting

Good news. Joshua Abramson is back to talk about another aspect of this “I love you” and his personal undertaking to have the entire world’s population, all 7 million of us, to forsake “hello” for “I love you.” He told us last time about how he came to this mission, yes, the voice in the shower he tried to ignore until he finally surrendered to it, and how this simple switch in greetings dissipates the isolation and enmity between people. This is not confined to social greetings among peers, it extends to all mankind and there are some surprises as to who responds most openly without question to being told “I love you” by a stranger.

Today Joshua, a businessman who sells precious metals online, e-commerce- a totally price-based interchange – talks about the pragmatic value of “I love you”. As it turns out, saying  “I love you” is good for business and in ways you might never imagine. Joshua talks about mindful business and conscious capitalism, about generating compassion, the importance of the Ho’oponopono prayer, about taking care of customers through his core value of caring about them, about smoothing some bumps in the road, and about being a truly heart-based business.

Joshua Abramson is back to tell you why "I love you" is good for business

Seem tinged with lunacy this whole concept? Listen to Joshua talk about it all and see how quickly it makes sense. A more solid, rational, humor-filled, and down to earth man you would have to travel far and wide to find! His love letter? He has written them to his 4-year old daughter. Get a box of Kleenex and listen to where he put them and why?

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