Joshua Abramson Working On “I Love You” as the Accepted Social Greeting

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Yes, you!

Joshua Abramson loves you, yes, you, and says so on first meeting. No matter who you are. It is his personal “hello,” and he hopes to make it everyone’s. He likes to think what the effect would be for the President of the United States to begin the State of the Union address with, “I love you” and what civilization would be be like when everyone says it with the automatic ease of a handshake. And, by the way, he does recognize that that clasping hands in greeting must have seemed downright creepy when it was first introduced into civilization somewhere around 500 years BC.

Multi talented, multi accomplished in the performing arts, a solid businessman, Joshua is, in his own philosophy, crazy freed up around sharing “I love you,” and recognizes the possibility that it may end the emotionally harmful separation between people. He talks about how this idea of starting every conversation with “I love you,” and going from there came to him after 25 years as a musician and actor in Los Angeles.

Odd as this concept may seem on first consideration, as Josh presents more thoughts on that very famous three-word phrase, the strangeness seems to wane. Maybe this habit will eventually gel into some critical mass to become an essential part social etiquette. “I love you” as one of humankind’s most loaded phrases, makes reaching Joshua’s goal a very tricky business. But, Joshua does it with such a charming nothing-creepy-about-it-at-all ease that it is hard not to root for his success.

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