Members of Congress Enthusiastic About Josh Abramson’s Mission To Bring “I love you” To Washington DC

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The Johnny Appleseed of "I love you" sharing it like candy everywhere including Washington DC
The Johnny Appleseed of “I love you” sharing it like candy everywhere including Washington DC

Joshua Abramson, the Johnny Appleseed of “I love you” is making admirable strides in changing the world’s greeting from “hello” to “I love you”. He has been successfully taking this new greeting to the streets, to his workshops with the “I love you” challenge, and into business where “I love you” works wonders. Joshua just returned from a business trip to Washington DC where he, in the business of selling precious metals online, spoke about heart-based businesses and then at a social event presented his unusual plan to several members of Congress.

With presidential campaigns in full swing, it is easier than ever to see that civility is at an all time low and the expression of love is a rare sighting. Respect is often hard to find. Joshua is about to change this at the center of the American political machine. Yes, DC itself. He looks forward to each session of Congress beginning with an “I love you” to the left and an “I love you” to the right (actual physical left and right, not political). He wants the State of the Union message to begin with, “My fellow Americans, I love you.” Sound impossible? Well, he shared his plan with the first senator to cross his path, Mitch McConnell, who he says is his philosophical diametric opposite, and you will laugh out loud at what happened when he told Mitch McConnell that he loved him – yes Joshua is that brave!

Then Senator Steve Daines, followed by Senator John Thune who summed it all up with “You know we have a lack of workability and we have a lack of civility here in Congress. We are really missing that. We could use more of that, I think there is something to this I love you business.” Congresswoman Barbara Comstock was enthusiastic about starting every session with “I love you.” His own representative is a very effusive and loving Nancy Pelosi who mouthed a great big, “I love you” across the room as he left. Representative Anna Eschoo of San Jose, he says is a titan and the reason we have a free unfettered internet and adds, “When I told her that I loved her, she cried.” It is easy to hear the love in Joshua’s voice as he talks about each of our elected officials.

Members of Congress Enthusiastic About Josh Abramson's Mission To Bring "I love you" To Washington DC

It is hardly surprising that people everywhere are open to Joshua’s plan, and Josh, candid comic genius that he is, knows how to tell a story with no holds barred. So far, he is being cheered on by both sides of the aisle.

His love letter? There is a real benefit to putting that “I love you” to paper, stamping it and mailing it. Yes, “I love you” is good for daily life, good for business and a must in the political arena if we want to end the acrimony that is tearing us apart.


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