Noah Griffin Brings His Historian Self to Talk About Taking Down the Confederate Flag

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Noah Griffin brings his historian self to talk about taking down the Confederate flag

Noah Griffin, founder and artistic director of the Cole Porter Society, has abilities, talents, education and careers any one of which would be accomplishment enough for most people. Not enough for Noah, who is, in addition to everything else, a remarkable historian who knows how to bring the backdrop of an era to anything he does.

He is back with us at Love Letters Live to talk about a concept whose time is long overdue and most recently embodied by Bree Newsome, the woman who climbed a flag-pole to take down the Confederate flag.

In Northern California’s Marin County, usually liberal, there exists a school district named Dixie with a dishonorable pedigree after the Dixie Schoolhouse built there in 1864. Noah has been working to change the name of that district as it reflects the hateful time of slavery and its aftermath in American History.

Listen to Noah talk about the issue of changing names, taking down statues and flags as well as reflecting and correcting history that, although all by now a part of our modern culture, have origins we should not be honoring.

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