Ruby Petersen Unger Was, Yes, Ms. Nancy of Romper Room and Much More

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Ruby celebrating the Giants' win
Ruby celebrating the Giants’ win

Do you remember Miss Nancy of television’s Romper Room and the wonderful lessons she brought to your little ones? Do you remember the day Miss Nancy became Ms. Nancy, thanks to a conversation with Gloria Steinem, bringing a whole new consciousness to our little ones? Ruby Petersen Unger remembers it well and with good reason, because she was Ms. Nancy.

Ruby is a serious human being with a great deal to say and a most compelling way of saying anything to anybody. Her audience has no limits as you will hear when you listen to Ruby talk about her days as a very loved “double only child” in Wisconsin, her career as a speech therapist, her life as a television personality, and producer of training films whose goal it was to help children put a stop to abuse and molestation as well as understanding AIDS.  Ruby points out that her training films make the “teaching” compelling through rap tunes, humor, animation, demonstration – they show kids what to actually do to stay safe, healthy, tolerant and pleased with who they are.

Whether you are 3 or 90, Ruby is talking to you, and she is the kind of person you cannot help but want to hear. She is funny. She is smart, and she offers the kind of easy honesty that can slip right into the realm of charmingly outrageous. She is unflaggingly current and takes her mission seriously without putting herself in the center of any universe.

Her love letter? Not singular. Plural. She has files of them and knows each person instantly by the sight of each unique handwriting.

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