The Joy of a Cordes Christmas Can Be Yours Next Year

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Betsy Cordes about to share her family Christmas magic with the world
Betsy Cordes about to share her family Christmas magic with the world Photo by Sarah Deragon/Portraits to the People

Betsy Cordes was raised by parents who, in her words, “really believe in the magic of Christmas and made it such a special time in our home. They still do!” There were carols on the stereo from dawn to bedtime, fresh greenery, lights and candles everywhere. Her dad’s crazy Christmas toys, and stockings but not being allowed to come see the tree until parents had “confirmed” that Santa had been there. And, the glee of adults acting like children. Oh, yes, one more essential ingredient, Mr. Dog.

Mr Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn, written by Albert Bigelow Paine in the late 1800s, is read by her father every Christmas Eve as it has been for two generations now. Betsy is in the process of insuring that it will be passed down forever and to everyone. She is going to republish this book  with new illustrations by San Francisco artist Adam McCauley. Listen to a very joyful Betsy read part of the story and talk about the sustainable magic created by her parents with the help Mr. Dog. Next Christmas you will be able to read this to your children and start a whole new family memory. Her love letter? Hopefully two of them and maybe incorporating one into the new book?

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