This Season of Joy and Giving Is a Good Time to Ask How Happiness Thinks

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Rabbi Peretz Mochkin a Giants' fan
Rabbi Peretz Mochkin

This is the season for merry this and happy that, wishing each other joy and bringing happiness to all. But, where do you find that happiness to share? How do you get a hold of it. You have to own something to be able to give it to others, yes? Perhaps someone besides the world of merchandising can give us a better clue as to how to find what brings actually happiness.

Rabbi Peretz Mochkin, a truly joyful man, talks about how happiness thinks. Maybe we have to get a grasp on that before we understand where happiness lives so we can get enough to keep for ourselves and to pass on to others. The gift of actual happiness and the skill of finding it may be the best gift of all. To you and to everyone you know. Not a gift for just this season but a gift to last a lifetime.

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