Todd Lieman’s Day Well Lived and the Snowballing World of Gratitude

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Todd Leiman and his son Kolby
Todd Lieman and his son Kolby

Todd Lieman is an imaginative, conscious, creative man who understands what makes a day well lived and the benefits of specific gratitude expressed. He began by encouraging his young son Kolby to express each night three things for which he is grateful. And, because from the mouths of babes come some of our best insights, Todd took the challenge when Kolby asked him to “do some gratefuls”, which is what they called this practice.

Todd tweeted his gratitude and felt immediately better, and out of that grew a world of snowballing thankfulness. To listen to Todd talk about what is important in life, his Aha project and his own life lived in gratitude and honesty lets us know that a day does not have to be perfect to be well-lived. A day in which we can be present, do our best in the face of challenges, express gratitude and sometimes bring the darkness into the light without fear of negative reaction is a day well lived.

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